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Babylon v7.0.3 (r26) Premier Dictionaries Full

Babylon v7.0.3 (r26) Premier Dictionaries|6.81 MB

Babylon 7 Özellikler:
# Tek tık ile harekete geçme
# 17 dilde metin çevirisi
# Dünya lideri yayıncılardan çeviri sonuçları
# Wikipedia'nın da içinde bulunduğu ansiklopediler
# 75 dilde sözcük çevirisi
# Ölçü, para birimi ve zaman dönüşümleri
# İngilizce yazım araçları
# Yazım alternatifleri

Babylon 7 is the world's leading dictionary and language translation software Babylon offers you the most intuitive tool for all your translation needs With Babylon you can quickly translate emails, web pages, documents, instant messages, and more All you have to do is click on the word or text that you want to translate and a small window instantly appears with the desired results from Babylon's extensive database of language dictionaries, glossaries and conversion tools

Babylon offers its users a Babylon 7 sözlük ve çeviri alanında dünya lideri bir programdır Bu sözlük programı, içinde Türkçe´nin de bulunduğu birçok dil arasında kelime/para/ölçü/metin gibi çeviri işlemleri yapıyor Bu programla e-posta, internet sitesi sayfaları, dokümanlar, anlık mesajlar gibi birçok alanda hızlı çeviri ihtiyacınızı karşılayabilirsiniz Tek yapmanız gereken ekrandaki sözcüğün yada seçili metnin üzerinde iken atadığınız kısayol tuşuna basmak..Böylece sözcüğün yada metnin Türkçe karşılığını hemen görebiliyorsunuz Program çeviri yaparken veritabanındaki sözlüklerden, kullanıcıların eklediği sözlüklerden ve diğer çeviri araçlarından yararlanıyor Çevrimiçi kullanım için oldukça kullanışlı olan sözlük sözlük eklentileri kurmak suretiyle çevrimdışı olarak ta kullanılabiliyor Çevrimdışı kullanım için ilgi alanınıza giren diller ile ilgili küçük sözlük eklentilerini de indirmeniz gerekmektedir

wide range of titles from the world's premier publishing houses including Oxford University Press, Britannica, Merriam-Webster, Larousse, Vox, Langenscheidt, Pons, and Taishukan New version Babylon six offers text translation in 17 languages in addition to single word and phrase translations - all in a single click, results from Wikipedia encyclopedia in nine languages, automatic spelling feature, and accurate results in a single-click from a wide range of authoritative sources

Babylon 7 - an easy and intuitive translation and dictionary software in over 75 languages With Babylon 7, text translation has never been easier, no more "copy/paste" or unnecessary browser windows Just click on any text in Word, Excel, emails, instant messaging, web pages and other desktop applications All you need is a single click away

Babylon 7 features:

* Single Click activation
* Text translation - in 17 languages
* Results from the world's leading publishers
* Encyclopedias including Wikipedia content
* Translations in more than 75 languages
* Unit Conversions - Convert currencies, measurements and time
* Writing Tools for English
* Spelling Alternatives
* Technical Requirement

• Single Click Activation

Babylon online dictionary is a simple and intuitive tool operated by a single click Just click on any text written in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, emails, web pages, instant messages or any other desktop application A small window will instantly appear containing the translation results, as well as any information or conversion that you require You can also easily copy/paste to and from Babylon Actually, once installed in your computer, Babylon will become a powerful and innovative reference tool of easy use that will allow you immediate online access to dictionaries and encyclopedias covering all topics and themes

• Text Translation

Text translations in 17 languages, all in a single click Text translation has never been easier; no need for additional browsers or copy/paste Just click any word in the text you want to translate and Babylon will automatically identify the inserted text passage and translate it Despite the fact, that no machine translation is 100% accurate or delivers results equal to human translation, this great new feature, based on the most advanced text translation technology, helps you understand texts in languages you are less familiar with

Babylon's text translation is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Polish and Ukrainian

• Results from the world's leading publishers

Get single click results from the world's leading dictionaries and encyclopedias for a small additional fee Babylon offers its users a wide range of titles from the world's premier publishing houses: Britannica, Oxford, Merriam Webster, Pons, Larousse, Langenscheidt, Taishukan, Michaelis, Van-Dale and many more View a list of all the dictionaries and encyclopedias that Babylon offers

• Wikipedia content

Babylon online dictionary's single click intuitive technology now offers its users results from Wikipedia, The Web Free Encyclopedia, a multilingual web-based encyclopedia in 13 languages covering more than 2.2 million articles and definitions that are constantly updated according to the current events and science latest innovations The combined use of online applications such as Babylon and Wikipedia, are today imperative tools for pupils, students and professional translators

• Translation in more than 75 languages

Babylon's translation and dictionary software offers results from a database of 1,300 sources in more than 75 languages The database includes 25 professional dictionaries in 13 languages developed by Babylon's own linguistic team: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean and Swedish In fact, Babylon has developed a unique instant computerized translation tool that will eventually replace your traditional printed dictionaries, offering an immediate and online access to Internet information sources and a wide range of online dictionaries and glossaries that are constantly updated

• Units & Measures Conversion

Babylon converts currencies, measurements and time-units, just click on any value in any desktop application to get instant conversions Babylon online dictionary will automatically identify the required conversion type, based on unit symbols that appear next to the numbers There is no more need to contact the bank or surf the web, an advanced conversion technology will allow you to find out online, at a single click, actual timetables and currency values, which are automatically updated on a daily basis

• Writing Tools for English

In addition to text translation, Babylon online dictionary also offers its users tools for finding the exact word they are looking for and guarantee a correct verbal conjugation Given that many words may be translated in several ways, Babylon enables its users to see each possible translation with its equivalent translation, in the user's native language Babylon also shows all possible conjugations, enabling thus the correct usage of the term

• Spelling Alternatives

An automatic spelling feature available in Babylon provides solutions for common typos, misspellings and wording problems

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